SMPS San Antonio Mini-Regional Conference 2017

  • 10 May 2017
  • 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • Plaza Club (Frost Bank Tower) - 100 W. Houston, Suite 2100 San Antonio, TX 78205


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Impactful "A's" for Big Ideas: Adopt & Apply

Join us for a full day mini regional experience! We will tackle the Impactful “A’s” for getting your firm to adopt and apply big ideas for powerful growth and change. The A/E/C industry is facing tremendous change, but getting your firm to adapt and change internally is often a challenge. In this mini regional we take a comprehensive look at how to make positive, lasting, strategic changes in your firm. In the morning session we look at how to get your firm to ADOPT a change mindset, new ideas, and new strategies. In the afternoon we will cover how to APPLY these new strategies and ideas to achieve big, positive impact. More details on each session below.

The daylong conference includes two workshops, luncheon, and a cash bar happy hour with one drink ticket for each attendee. Attendees will earn a total of four CEU’s. We will also have giveaways, refreshments, and networking throughout the day!

Event Schedule
9:00 am – check in
9:30 am – morning session

11:00 am - break

11:30 am - luncheon check in
12:00 pm – lunch
1:30 pm – afternoon session
3:00 pm – break
3:30 pm – happy hour

5:00 pm – event end

Morning Session
Leadership Tactics That Can Shift The A/E/C Mindset

It is possible to introduce ideas and lead initiatives to create the career you envision.

Speaker: Belinda Gates (click name for bio)

Adopting new ideas and embracing change is sometimes difficult within a stuck corporate culture. The A/E/C industry faces unique challenges when it comes to change, especially when non-technical employees or members of the technical staff who aren’t in a leadership position present it. Instead of the word ‘change’, consider the word ‘shift’ when talking about transforming an existing mindset. This approach to shifting attitudes and beliefs will be more accepted and less threatening. This is just one insight to what it will take to create buy-in and achieve your goals. Through this session, we’ll explore techniques for impacting an effective shift in your company and driving initiatives toward success, regardless of your current position. The five key activities presented in this session that will improve your ability to affect a shift in your corporate environment include:

  • Align your core values – gain insight to what drives you and how to align it with your team
  • Create a clear plan – articulate a specific, doable plan that makes others take notice
  • Communicate – understand essential practices of communication and how to make impressionable connections
  • Think and act strategically – what it means to operate at a strategic level to achieve difficult, long-term goals
  • Be influential – learn about the seven traits that are necessary to being influential

These insights will give you the confidence you need to present new ideas, follow them up with trustworthy actions and build a meaningful career within your firm.

Afternoon Session
High Impact Change for the A/E/C Firm

Applying actions and behaviors that really move the needle

Speaker: Shennandoah Goodson (click name for bio)

Getting approval and buy-in from leadership is only half the battle. Now you have to execute and achieve meaningful results for the firm. Even with leadership buy-in, more than 70% of change efforts fail. That’s because it requires a significant change in behavior among team members who are already bogged down by the day-to-day demands of client work and running a firm. Your time is precious too, but with clear planning, focus, and some key change management tools you can become the main driver of positive change in your firm and position yourself as a strategic asset in the company. In this session we will show you how to:

  • Leverage an internal champion and sponsor to drive efforts forward
  • Create a sense of urgency and forward motion for change
  • Focus on the activities that truly move the needle
  • Leverage “small wins” to keep the energy and momentum up even as change gets hard
  • Address resistance as it comes up
  • Measure and report progress
  • Build on your success to secure future opportunities and further grow your career
The organizations that adapt and change will accelerate far ahead of the competition. With you as the driver of this positive shift, you will make a huge impact on your firm and your career and forever position yourself an invaluable “linchpin” in your organization.

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