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February Member Spotlight: Joe Irizarry

14 Feb 2018 9:55 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Quick Facts

Name:  Joe Irizarry

Company: Raba Kistner, Inc.

Role:  Vice President-Corporate Development

What services does your company provide? Project management, engineering and environmental consulting, and infrastructure quality assurance

SMPS Anniversary: September 26, 2007

How long have you been an SMPS Member? Over 10 years

Learn more about Joe:

Everyone at SMPS has a story about why they joined the organization. What’s yours?
I got "voluntold" to participate when I joined the firm.  We've been a part of the local chapter since its inception so there's an expectation to participate and give back.

What drew you to the A/E/C industry?
RK used to consult for the company that I worked for.  I admired their folks and the firm's reputation.  An opportunity to represent them drew me into the industry.

Where are you originally from?
I was born in Atlanta, GA (Ft. McPherson).  As an army brat, our family moved frequently.

Tell us something really interesting about you?
I studied martial arts between 4th and 7th grade. Over time, as the highest ranked child, I led the children's (K-12) classes. I also trained with the adult class (soldiers) on weekends. Whenever I was the highest ranking person in those sessions, I would serve as instructor for them, too.

Some didn't take kindly to a child instructor and helped show that during sparring sessions!  The skills I learned slipped away long ago.  The humility, determination and self-confidence required to credibly lead as a child still serves me well today!

Where’s your favorite place to eat in San Antonio?
India Oven

What do you like to do in your free time?
Travel with my wife, Tracy (and kids sometimes), read, write, see movies and hang out with the family.

Do you have any pets?
We have two shelter dogs, Roxie and Zoey.

What would be impossible for you to give up?

Describe your ideal vacation.
Comfortable lodging.  Dining and drinking where locals do.  Culture.  History.  Low-key adventure.  If my wife and I can have all of those things AND use some frequent flyer points…we have an ideal vacation.

P.O. Box 17945
San Antonio, TX 78217

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