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Hello my fellow San Antonio SMPS Members!

I am so grateful and excited to serve you this year. Though I am new to the chapter, y’all have done so much to help me get settled in San Antonio and I am honored to have the opportunity to give back to an organization that has given me so much. I am especially honored as we have an amazing board and several committees full of engaged, creative, high-energy professionals all bursting with ideas. This year the board generated a new strategic plan based on the theme “Engage, Elevate, Celebrate!” We distilled the plan into a single infographic included here:

As you can see from the plan, our goals are to engage every member, engage our community, and engage the industry in as many ways as possible. We are developing initiatives to elevate the role of the marketer in the firm, to elevate our chapter nationally, and to elevate our learning. As we achieve our goals we want to celebrate! Celebrate our members’ successes, celebrate our chapter successes, and celebrate the friendships we develop along the way.

You may also notice our board members wearing these special pins in the shape of a puzzle piece. That’s because every volunteer, not just our board, is an essential piece to our success. We can’t do it without the skills, knowledge, time, and energy of our amazing volunteers and boy do we have some truly outstanding volunteers this year! They’ve come up with some great ideas to liven things up and elevate our programming and educational offerings this year. Here are just a few things to look forward to:

  • Mentor/Protégé program revived: Chris Martinez, Chris Carruth, and Lauren Daniel are working together to revive and overhaul this amazing program that pairs industry veterans with committed up and comers.
  • Member Awards Gala: We are nixing the golf tournament and putting the Past President’s attention toward making our annual member awards event a true reason to celebrate! Nick Holscher is heading up the charge and looking for volunteers.
  • Creative and competitive programming: We are pushing boundaries and thinking outside the box for programs this year while also looking to enhance them with more interactive opportunities. Amy Garza is heading up that initiative and looking for ideas and connections.
  • Improving the member experience: The rest of our board is looking for ways to simplify, streamline, and improve the member experience. Carin Miller is leveraging technology to help turn communications into a lean, mean, marketing machine. Amanda Busbee has already helped plan our first luncheon while also keeping our legacy and data intact. Christina Taylor is tapping into resources at national to enhance member benefits and keep our records up to date. Audra Allen is tackling sponsorship with a creative eye and a lot of pavement pounding and Lacey Beiker is taking our financial management to the next level so we can continue to give back to our members!

This is just a teeny tiny sliver of what is coming this year. Feel free to reach out to any of your board members to learn more or to volunteer. San Antonio lets get ready to Engage, Elevate, and Celebrate this year!


Shennandoah Goodson

President 2017-2018
San Antonio SMPS 

P.O. Box 17945
San Antonio, TX 78217

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